Backpack PC is ready to use!

Split VR backpack PC is ready to use! Developer Pixie really enjoyed it! ;)

The big user test: PlayIT!

PlayIT, Budapest is the biggest consumer game show in Hungary attracting over 20 000 visitors on one single day. It is huge! Maybe not as big as Gamescom, but surely not as old either. In Eastern Europe where people tend to be a little more sceptic and money is undoubtedly less than in the western world this is almost an unimaginable number. Almost as unimaginable as the wait time was at our booth!

We had seen major events in the past and waited in lines to see a new releases, but it is one thing to see it and an entirely another, to experience it when people are lining up to try your product. From start to closing time there was a constant wait time of over 2 hours, despite the fact that we purposefully made our experiences very short (1,5 minutes in playtime). We had 2 experiences at the show going for a little more than 10 hours each giving a chance to a total of 1100+ visitors to try virtual reality.

Both our technology development, the Large Area Tracking System was on display and our content development for the Vive. Without major problems both systems worked fine for the entire duration of the show.

It gives us great pleasure and very good reinforcement that the feedback was all positive by our players!

Post Mortem: Veletech Show


Veletech Show was a great success in every aspect for SplitVR. Over 500 visitors have tried the two VR experience we had on display. From start until the closing of the show we had to deal with enormous demand, there was a constant 20-30 minute wait time to get in to our booth. The feedback is very positive even though we only had a short time preparing the demos.

Technically went everything great too. The systems worked for 8 hours with minor glitches only, we had to do few minutes of recalibration pauses without major stopage. Some cameras were acting up, but that is acceptable with a prototype. The new cameras we have on order will fix this issue as well.

Besides the lot of visitors we also experienced a lot of interest from media. Our CEO gave two TV and a radio interview along with numerous talks to print media journalists.

We learnt a lot and will improve on the experiences for upcoming shows in the future!

Meet us at PlayIT

SplitVR will be attending PlayIT Show on 30 April. Visitors of the show will be able to try our large scale VR system as well as the Western Shooter game we have been developing for HTC Vive. There will also be a major announcement on the main stage. Stay tuned for more info!

Major Demo at Veletch Show

We will be presenting our large scale VR system at Veletech technology conference and trade show tomorrow. We created a Japanese garden scene in a 3m by 6m area which is almost the double what the best consumer VR systems can cover nowadays. We expect it to be a major stress test of our Technology. In 2 minutes sessions over 200 visitors will be able to give our VR system a try.

First user tests

We have just completed the first user tests with a truly room scale VR setup. Also our players had the chance to test drive our very first gun controller too in our Western Shooter game.

Split VR - let's start